1:1 integration

Authenticity - Empowerment - Wholeness 
Disconnection to Conscious Co - Creator 
Does this sound familiar? 
You live in perpetual fearanxietyshameguilt
Constantly feeling less thanunworthynot good enough
You outsource your power through relationships, clothing, fitness, intellect
Always waiting for validationapproval, and reassurance that you are still loved
You mask insecurity by creating a bulletproof persona
You have lost touch with your desireneeds, and truth 
You hide yourself, your gifts, your passions for fear of rejection
You say yes when you want to say no
You engage in unfulfilling work due to a sense of obligation
You have lost touch with joy, pleasure, and play
You long to express yourself creatively but feel fear
You have lost trust in yourself 
You feel that you are not living your full potential
If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading….
Restore balanced connection to the Body, Others, and Earth
Repattern the nervous system 
Reclaim authentic expression
You will welcome and meet all parts of self; shadow & light
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― C.G. Jung
My name is Sage Daly
I serve as a transformational psychedelic integration coach, movement facilitator, ceremony leader, and artist 
"Where focus goes, energy flows"
- Tony Robbins
Attention is our most valuable resource 
I help clients break free from the patterning of the mind and body through  modalities that interrupt the brain's default-mode network. 
Psychedelics - Cyclical Living - Meditation - Movement 
Ritual - Integration - Yoga 
The work is born from my experience with body dysmorphia, disordered eating, dissociation, depression, anxiety, and low self worth; stemming from my experience with unprocessed trauma
I create transformational containers for individuals to remember their true nature, release stored trauma, and connect back to the body
I empower clients to question, attune, reclaim, and renew their contracts to their nervous systems, beliefs, inner and outer relationships, and to life as a whole
I act as a guide for spiritual emergence and embodiment 
Through the vehicle of the body we return to the wisdom embedded in our cells and return to the intelligence of the Earth
BA Psychology, Kennesaw State university 
Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach
Qnity Inc. Coach
200 CYT

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