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guatemalan ceremonial cacao

guatemalan ceremonial cacao

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Sourced from Guatemala, this stone ground powder is premixed with ingredients from the farm, and is blessed by a shaman before it ever leaves the land🌿 The cacao beans are single origin criollo

What is in it?

Amor, Vanilla bean, Mayan spices, Panella (raw natural sugar) 

The spicy and sweet flavor is an ode to our Mayan ancestors, and the spirit of this blend is a strong feminine force. She is loving, direct, and allows a deep softening in the body, mind, and spirit. This blend is deeply intelligent and high vibrational, which makes it very easy to go deep with.

 What is cacao? 

Cacao is a nutrient dense superfood that produces a stimulating effect in the body, increases blood flow, focus, and is known to bring about feelings of love, bliss, and joy. It is the purest form of chocolate. 

This beautiful elixir is a heart opening medicine known for its ability to breathe life back into the body, ecstatic feelings of bliss, softening the emotional body, and channeling ancient wisdom from the divine. Cacao is a very intelligent plant and its wisdom is able to stretch beyond your intention, into areas that need attention and open you up to new possibilities and understanding

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